Nationals day 2

Had to make the tough decision to pull Tyler from his bout today due to a rib injury he sustained yesterday   Thien fought a tough fight but lost a close decision. 2 more to go today

Monday gym closure 

Due to the ice that is already accumulating, all classes and personal training for tomorrow Monday January 16 will be cancelled. The gym will be closed on Monday but classes and personal training will resume on Tuesday. Thank you 

2017 kick workout 

This year we will host our annual “kick in the new year” on New Year’s Day at noon at the gym. Everyone is welcome. This is a free gathering and you do not have to be a member to join us for this workout. It is a fun way to start 2017 off on the right foot, excuse the pun.

2016 Muay Thai nationals wrap up

We came home from the Nationals without any titles this year but we had so many “wins”. We took a small team of 3 juniors and two adults and had 2 make the finals and 2 others lost in the semi final round. Nolan lost a very controversial decision. Upon consultanting  the head official later that evening he said his judges got that one wrong but a decision cannot be reversed. Such is the difficulty of a tournament where these judges are watching literally hundreds of bouts over three days and so the adage ” never leave it in the hands of the judges”. Kendra came back from a nightmare in her debut fight last year to overcome her fear of competition and win her first fight. Unfortunately she couldn’t repeat her performance in the second fight. She has overcome tremendous obstacles to get back to this tournament, and like all my team,she should hold her head high.  Cormac fought smart in his first win but came up short in the result in the final, a bout which was so close to call. He continued our long standing gym reputation that if you stand across the ring from us you will get the fight of your life. I’m so proud of him making the final on Father’s Day. Gage also displayed the heart of a lion in a tough battle in the finals and will come back stronger. And lastly there is Tytus a kid who has completely transformed himself over the last year losing over 60lbs. He had already won the most important battle of his life before he crawled under those ropes. Martial arts is about becoming a better person through facing adversity. There is no greater challenge you will face than challenging another person in unarmed mutual combat. To be ready for that challenge you must first defeat the human instinct to walk the easy road. After you do this, everything is possible. There is no easy road to success but the brave will walk the road less traveled by the majority. The brave will work while others sleep. The brave will dream, then plan, then execute. I’m so proud of my team, the fighters and the coaches. We have something very special. Time to dream and plan for next year

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